Publication and Working Papers


Chandra, Y., & Jin, Q. (2022). Winning the Heart and Shaping the Mind with “Serious Play”: The Efficacy of Social Entrepreneurship Comics as Ethical Business Pedagogy. Journal of Business Ethics, 1-25.

Working Papers

Chandra, Y., Jin, Q. & Ramoglou, S. “Title hidden as per double-blind review guideline”, under review at Journal of Management Studies

“Bricolage in social enterprises”, with Yanto Chandra, Long Wang, Erica K.M. Lee, revision

“Social enterprises and resource acquisition”, with Yanto Chandra,Pascal Dey and On Ki Wong, revision

Jin, Q., & Chandra, Y. “How Social Enterprises Gain Legitimacy Using Visuals: Insights from Social Enter- prises’ Instagram Images”, preparing for submission

Jin, Q., & Chandra, Y. “The Power of Rhetoric: An Integrative Model of Legitimacy Building, Legitimacy Judgment and Consumer Responses Towards Social Enterprises”, preparing for submission

Jin, Q., & Chandra, Y. “What Drives Social Enterprises’ Legitimacy: Implications from Online Consumer Reviews”, preparing for submission